Tuesday, 4 April 2017

And we're off

Got away yesterday and went up the river Aire to Leeds.  A big modern city and that about says it all.  We found a nice mooring in the centre next to a large canalside bar/restaurant.  Good so far.  This morning a certain dog whines to be let out and dissapears into the distance to find a small piece of grass to do the necessary on, leaving me in my dressing gown to go and get him back in front of loads of people all having breakfast.  I ignored them and pretended it was all quite normal and not embarrasing at all.
So orf we pootled onto the Leeds and Liverpool canal in company with another boat to share the locks with but with dire warnings of the dangers ahead.  Yes the dreaded 'Kirskstall locks', where God fearing narrow boaters are savagely and regularly attacked by vandals and bands of feral children. To be fair the lock keepers who permanently man these locks did tell some interesting stories, like how their hut was burned down last summer. And goodness yes, as we arrived, just look what we were confronted with:

Were we scared?  Did we turn and run?  Nope we made the little darlings push the lock gates open which they loved.
So we're now moored up in a little village called Rodley - very pretty with two pubs, a shop and a chandlery.  Probably stay the day tomorrow as I have some tinkering to do. I'll try to stay out of the chandlery but they have a habit of luring me in and making me spend all my money!!

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