Thursday, 30 March 2017

Radio star

Well in a very limited sense.  Tonight is the last fling for the Lynx helciopter with a massive party in 815 Squadron's hangar at Yeovilton.  1300 guests, a lot of beer,food and music.  Some of my old Flight team from Andromeda will be there as well as my Flight Test recorders from my test flying days plus load of friends and colleagues from the Lynx world.  It will also be the 'official' launch of my book.  We did sell a few last week at the de-commisioning ceremony but tody is the formal launch date.
To that end I have been invited to talk about the book on Abbey 104, a local radio station at 1730, just before the party starts.  You don't have to be local to hear it as it streams live on t'internet.
The link: Abbey 104
My only problem is that I am planning to drive to Leeds the next day to go to my boat.  Should be interesting!!

There will be music

And beer

And a few Lynx

All we need now is a few people.

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