Friday, 6 December 2019

The next project

Having finished the Jon Hunt series (at least for now) I've been mulling over what to write next. I've always wanted to do some sort of thriller/murder mystery/crime story. Can't remember exactly when but I had an idea the other day and quick as flash the first ten thousand words wrote themselves, which is always a good sign. Its got a big twist in concept which I hope will be original and allows me to have plenty of scope for development. The series will be called 'The Winchester Chronicles' (probably) and I did a quick draft of the cover just to illustrate what it might look like. (Oh and I would really appreciate some reviews for Swan Song).

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Now available - 'Swan Song' the tenth Jon Hunt novel

Published today and available on all Amazon sites as a kindle or paper back.:

Retirement does not suit Commodore Jon Hunt.  He is enticed back into the navy to teach young pilots how to fly.  However, the plans of a Saudi Prince, who is hell bent on destroying the relationship between his country and the West soon drag Jon back into action.  Taking command of the 'Swan Song' a superyacht converted into a covert intelligence gathering ship, Jon is soon not only confronting the Russian navy but also ghosts from his past.

So no spoiler to say that this is something he has to deal with:

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Cover change

Proofing going well but decided to change the cover.  It might say something about the plot!  My old boat sailing with St Vincent in the background.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

At last!!

Phew! Just written the last words of the latest Jon Hunt novel. I've written more in the last few days than the previous months as the plot suddenly wrote itself. Now the hard work starts. proofing, editing doing the graphics etc etc. However here's a draft of the probable front cover just to whet the appetite.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

A Triumph - sort of.

Progress on the new Jon Hunt book has been rather too slow recently, sorry about that but something else has been taking up my time.  When we sold the boat last year I needed another hobby to keep me sane. In the past I've done rather a lot of motor racing and so decided that a classic car that I could do a few hillclimbs and sprints with would be rather fun.  After searching the internet, I found a really nice looking TR8 with a new 3.9 litre engine that was going at a very reasonable price. The car was rebuilt in 2004 and had hardly turned a wheel since.  Warning bells should have rung then.  To keep a very long story short, I spent all winter fettling it with various upgrades to the suspension engine and brakes to get it ready for competition and in the process had to replace every single bit of rubber in the car - ALL had perished - from suspension bushes to O rings in the carburettor.  Even then, it had loads of minor issues, primarily due to the amount of time it was idle.  However, it's now going well (apart from one breakdown on the M5 which required the AA to come to the rescue!).  I've done several events in it and am just beginning to learn how quick it really is.  On the rolling road we manage to get 215 bhp and 240 ftlbs of torque from the engine which is more than enough to make it fun on the road and the track.
So Mr Hunt's next book is now at 55,000 words and should be out in about two months.

Just arrived after a rather 'interesting' drive down from Birmingham as it was way off tune, the alternator was too small for the engine fans and it got dark so the headlights were like glow worms.

7 months later and fully fettled at its first event of the year at Gurston Down Hillclimb.  It may look the same as the previous photo but its not - you would just have to look at my bank balance to know that!!

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The story of the Wasp - another aviation innovation by the Royal Navy

Just out today, published by Pen and Sword, my book about the Wasp helicopter.  Actually this one is co-authored becasue Terry Martin a retired RAF doctor owns one of the few remaining airworthy examples.  Profits from the book will go towards keeing her flying.

Monday, 31 December 2018

I should be blushing

I really should check out Good Reads more often. If you don't know it, it's where the star rating appears if you give a Kindle a rating when you finish the book. I went there today and found this rather great review for my latest book 'Diamant'. It's rather ego boosting to be compared to Bernard Cornwell. Now all I need is to get the same books sales as him!!

'Larry Jeram-Croft creates something refreshingly different in this twin centred novel, weaving two timelines hundreds of years apart seamlessly together. The modern day story is a classic yachting adventure - fast paced, exciting and underlying it all the author's vast experience of life at sea under sail. A story that will delight lovers of the genre - up there with Sam Llewellyn and Bernard Cornwell.
But for me it is the historical part of the book where LJC really shines. Painstaking research and physical knowledge of the area mean that he is really able to bring this story to life. And it is a fascinating one - a little known tale of British engineering, ingenuity and daring together with a bloody minded determination which result in a "defeat" that does credit to the Royal Navy. And all told in a thoroughly engrossing way. Great stuff!'