Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Phew! the end is in sight.

Sweaty old day  but 5000 words today and a total of 15000 since Saturday means that 'FORMIDABLE' is almost there.  I've been stuck on plot generation for several weeks but I've learned not to force things. I sat down today with an end game in mind and although 'what I've wrote' is far from what I originally had in mind, its looking good.  As I've probably said too many times before, writing is done in the bath, walking the dog, even on the Golf Course (which is one of my many excuses for hitting the bloody ball into the trees - again) not in front of the computer.  However, today my fingers got carried away and before Bob became my Uncle there was the whole end game sorted out.  Should be out in less than a month now which frees me up to go boat hunting.

Sort of how I felt when I finished today! 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

New project

Actually several - firstly Fi and I are now on the look out for a new narrow boat.  Having lived on one on and off for several years we know what we want.  All we have to do is find one.  It will be regular updates from Narnia (the waterways) after that, with a resumption of Sunday Lunch assessments from pubs around the country.
However, being a glutton for punishment I am in discussions now about a follow on from the book about the Lynx helicopter.  If the publishers are up for it, it will be a little different in that it will probably be co-authored with another writer/aviation enthusiast.  I don't want to say too much just yet as there are a few hurdles to jump over but the picture gives a small clue as to the subject matter.

With this particular aircraft one had to get up to over 10,000 feet to check the engine was allowing full fuel flow.  We were meant to stop at 12,000 due to the air getting a tad thin but my record was 15,000 feet on one particlar day - bloody long way up in a single engine helicopter - hence the cartoon.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

New Year statistics and new books

Being that quiet week between Christmas and New Year - what better to do than get out an Excel spreadsheet??  Actually there was a reason for it.  Amazon are very good at providing reports and statistics on book sales.  However, one thing they don't do for some reason is provide the total number of sales of a book since publication.  They do provide monthly spreasheets with the sales figures so I spent a few happy hours going back through them all.  The results were very interesting.  I have always assumed that 'Sea Skimmer' would be the best seller but taken over the period they have all been for sale it is actually 'Boghammer' my novel about the Gulf and the Tanker war that has sold the most per month.
In November I actually paid a marketing firm to do what I hate doing - marketing!  Its till too early to tell but book sales are on the up again.  I even sold twenty on Christmas day.  So the New Year should be interesting.  The new Jon Hunt book is in its 'exciting phase' ie the last third and once again I'm keen to find out how it all ends. 
Also, the Lynx book is in print and should be ready for its launch on 30 March at Yeovilton.  On that note, although it is available for preorder on Amazon already, it will soon also be available to preorder from the 'Navy Wings' web site and this will be at a discount as well as having been signed by the illustrious author! Have a look at  Navy Wings web site  in a couple of weeks.
 Anyone going to the Lynx farewell party at Yeovilton will be able collect their copy then.  Otherwise they will be posted.  Buying them this way will raise more revenue for the charity than through Amazon.

Happy New Year.

Friday, 11 November 2016

So where next???

Was it Confucious who said 'May you live in interesting times?'  (actually no one knows - its lost in the mists of time) but its known as the 'Chinese Curse'  and I guess that's exactly what we've got now.
Mr Trump is now going to try to rule the largest economy on the planet.  Personally, I don't think he ever thought he had a chance when he started out and so felt free to say anything he wanted.  Unfortunately for us and probably him, he struck a chord in the US and look where it got him.  However, despite saying loads of things about what he intended to do - he never actually said how he was going to do it  Its interesting that the comments agains Islamists have already been taken down from his web site.  The American constitution is written specifically to ensure the President can't exercise too much power but with both houses in his party's hands goodness knows what will happen.
I was also delighted to see my heroine Nichola Sturgeon say after the American election:
'While this is not the outcome I hoped for, it is the verdict of the American people and we must respect it'  I really liked the chap who posted that on FB with the comment - 'Anyone spot any irony here'!
So, we're going to have riots in the streets when they try to reverse Brexit.  We may or may not do well out of the EU (I think we will but what do I know??).  Scotland will bugger off and become independent and then find they can't join the EU because they are bankrupt.  America will join up with Russia and nuc the middle east.  And then if Trump can do it we might just get the ultimate British nightmare in four years time:

Yesterday I started looking for another narrow boat so Fi and can dissapear in the countryside and hide.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Fed up - I feel like a rant

In 1975 we had a referendum to join the EEC - it passed (democratically) and no one ran around with their hair on fire as a consequence.
Last year we had a vote in parliament for a referendum on the EU - it passed (democratically)
This year we had the referendum and the result was clear (democratically)
All this despite:
Being warned of immediate total economic meldown (to the tune of £30 Bn)  - didn't happen
Being warned of long term economic disaster by the head of the Bank of England (who also predicted the immdediate Armageddon).
The aforementioned banker now says we have at least 2 years of economic growth ahead of us - even while we are negotiating with the EU to leave.
The Pound has dropped (not collapsed, although many use this emotively and see this as a terrible thing) BUT our exports are thriving as a consequence.

The Scots had a referendum and voted to stay in the UK (democratically). As part of the UK myself - me and the rest of us weren't allowed a say in MY country breaking up.  But now they won't bloody shut up.  Two refendum (referenda?) that they agreed to, haven't given them the result some of them wanted.  I really wish the BBC would stop giving that Sturgeon woman so much air time!
The High court today ruled today that parliament must have a say in the article 50 invocation - fair enough.
All the remainers are now shouting this as a victory.  It isn't of course but it clearly shows that they see this as a way of overturning the referendum result.  Wow now that is democratic!
I am fed up being insulted on Face Book and other web sites  as an idiot/moron/person  who hates his grandchildren - (I see today I am a F***kwit apparently) .  I passionately feel that leaving the EU is the best for us for far too many reasons to state here - if you don't agree, fair enough but stop insulting me in the process.

Its funny that most of the vitriol and hyperbole is coming from the remainers.   Maybe its time us silent majority (until now in my case) stood up to be counted - by the way there are 1.7 million more of us!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

The worm turned and then the mouse roared

6 emails, one of which was the the CEO of Amazon, several phone calls and the next day I get a message back saying the 'issue' with my reviews has been resolved.  Didn't actually say what the 'issue' was but all the reviews are back up so:

Either they got fed up with me and decided to put them back to shut me up
The CEO told them to stop being stupid (not likely!)
They actually bothered to look into what was going on and found they had been overzealous
There really was a technical issue

Either way - LJC One, Amazon Nil

Friday, 21 October 2016

The worm is turning

Firstly let me say that this is NOT a marketing ploy! Amazon seem to have an odd and arbitary policy for reviews for books and one thing they do is remove any they think are 'fake' ie written by friends and family etc. In addition and I'm not sure how they do it but they also seem to be able to use FB and decide if people are in that category and remove their reviews as well. Yesterday 'Retribution' received its fifth five star review. Like all the others, it was an honest one and the words were those of the reader himself. However, last night all my reviews were removed and I have yet to be able to get an explanation as to why. I know that at least two of the reviewers are likers of this page and can only assume that is what Amazon have taken exception to. Bloody silly, as it effects their revenue as much as mine. So I am asking a favour, could anyone who has purchased the book go to the Amazon web site and say something about it, it will only take few minutes - its a little button at the bottom of the reviews section - 'write a customer review' please only talk about the book and be honest. Maybe it will convince them not to be so bloody silly. Here's the link: