Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Yet another slightly odd book launch

My book about the Lynx is not due for publication until March next year.  Indeed only yesterday did I receive the first set of proofs and there's a great deal of work to do to get the formatting right. However, imagine my surprise when I went on to my Amazon pages the other day to see the book advertised for pre-order.  I spoke to my publishers and they apparently release the cover very early and let Amazon do their thing.  Anyway - there it is ready for all of you to buy and only have to wait another mere seven months!

I guess this means yet another change to my FB profile picture as well as the one on this blog.  Writing the things is much easier than all the other hassle!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Newsletter/mailing list

Good old teknology moves on and I even catch up on occasions. For some time I've been meaning to set up a mailing list so I can send out the occasional newsletter to anyone interested in the progress of the latest epic. I've finally got around to doing just that (after several very frustrating hours on the 'MailChimp' web site that manages mailing lists). I think I've got it right and there is a sign up button on the right of this page. There's also one on my Face Book page and web site. I promise not to use this as anything other than an occasional mail shot to tell anyone interested of the progress of the latest book or other relevant news like a new audio version being available. Also, MailChimp is very secure and personal emails are protected and will only be used by me. SO I would really appreciate some sign ups - it only takes a second. Thanks in advance.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Despite my rather limited book launch it seems I must have quite a following for the 'Jon Hunt' books as sales figures are looking very good so far.  I'm now about to start on the next one to be called 'Formidable'  and this time I expect the name won't change at the last minute as it's the name of the ship Jon will command.  Anyone who has read Retribution will already know that of course.  While I'm at it I have an authors page on Amazon which readers may want to have a look at - it can be found here:

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Oops - slightly late book launch!!!

So I put the new book 'Retribution' into the web site 'Createspace' who do my paperbacks, expecting it to take the normal 5 days to appear on Amazon.  Instead it appeared almost straight away.  Today the Kindle goes live and I was intending to do one of my spectacular (not) book launches.  Actually its quite hard to do anything that spectacular as a self published author, its just as good to announce it here and on FB etc and let the sales do the talking.  Anyway imagine my surprise when I got the following comment on my Author's FB page first thing this morning:

Well it's 4am... and all I can say is AMAZING! Couldn't stop reading. Retribution is great, fast paced, action packed and perfect Jon Hunt.
Loved the twist and links to past books in the series. Not as much flying in this instalment, however it worked for the character and the rank he holds.
Now I've got to try to sleep as my alarm goes off in 3 hours!

Not bad for a book I hadn't actually 'launched' yet!!

Hopefully others will feel the same:

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Better book distribution?

I must be a glutton for punishment because not only have I spent the last two days going quietly deranged trying to format the latest book for publishing but I've also decided to take some of my books out of Amazon's 'Select' programme which means I can only sell through Amazon. So now I've put 'Jacaranda' up on another site which distributes to all e-publications sites like Barnes and Noble. The other two will follow shortly. It will be interesting to see what the effect on sales is. So if all you lot out there have Kobos or whatever, you should be able to get those three books shortly.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Jon Hunt Number 7 out next week

The Blurb:

1995, the vicious war in the fragmented former Republic of Yugoslavia is moving to an end game.  The United Nations have troops and observers in the country but are finding it impossible to act.  Thrust into the maelstrom of rape, murder and ethnic cleansing, the newly promoted Captain Jonathon Hunt joins the UN Protection Force UNPROFOR and finds himself being drawn into the struggle. The only way the war is going to end is if the might of NATO becomes fully committed to stop the fighting.  Jon plays a major part in the momentous events that finally convince the world that the war has to end. At the same time, investigations by MI6 allow him to finally discover the truth about why his wife died so tragically three years earlier.  In both cases, retribution is called for.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


That's a bit of naval slang for 'its 'zorbin changed'.  Fi and I have been doing that really exciting task of proof reading.  She's already done her bit but I'm still only half way through.  However, I've never been totally happy with the title of the new book.  Strange are the ways of writing, no more so than I actually woke up in the middle of the night last week with a much better title already in my head.  So here it is below.  It sums up the plot much better - if you want to know why - you'll just have to buy the book!  We're off on holiday Saturday week so my intention is to launch by the 29th July.