Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A little change

Spent the day renaming the boat.  Some say its unlucky but even yesterday when the old name was on it I mentioned to an accompanying boat that I was going to change it and name it after my first novel.  The net result was an interested potential reader who left us clutching one of my business cards.
In fact, the colours of the boat are exactly those of various varieties of Jacaranda tree so it all seemed to make a spooky sort of sense.  Also, we were already getting fed up having to explain to all these foreigners (sorry Yorkshiremen) what a Grockle was. Another success yesterday was stopping the engine making a dreadfull rattle below 1000 rpm.  Spoke to Beta marine who make them and did some measurement to find that the engine wasn't properly aligned with the prop shaft.  All is quiet and smooth.  Still got a massive list of things to do with the boat but they're all seemples little things now. 

Don't you just love sticky backed plastic

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