Monday, 20 February 2017

Next factual book

I've posted on this previously but now I am about to sign a contract to actually do it.  The Lynx book seems to be doing pretty well for preorders so the next machine in line for a good going over will be the Wasp. However, there will be several differences with this one.  Firstly, there is no active squadron for me to visit, drink coffee and listen to lots of good 'dits' as the aircraft went out of service in the eighties.  BUT there are several still flying and for this book I've teamed up with the owner of one.  Terry Martin is a retired RAF Wing Commander doctor and he is the proud owner of XT 787 an aircraft that has seen service for many years.  Unfortunately, it suffered a minor mishap last year when part of the collective control run failed and Terry found himself in the invidious position of being at 2000 feet with frozen engine power and the need to get the thing down.  The fact that he coped so well is a story in its own right and will no doubt feature in the book.  Unfortunately, in the process the tail hit the ground and so the aircraft is now having a major repair.  Most of the proceeds of the book will be going to him to help cover costs.  For the Lynx book, the squadron got me cleared for a final flight last year but it never happened due to bad weather and bad serviceability of the few remaining dual control aircraft. In the end, I only got a ride in the simulator. So for this book I should be able get a flight in a real machine.  I haven't flown a Wasp since 1986 so it should be interesting.  For the book I will be concentrating on the operational history and Terry will cover the story after that.
Anyone who reads this entry and had an interesting story about the aircraft to tell, just contact me and you will probably end up in print.

If anyone thinks that this picture is familiar - its the cover image for my last but one Jon Hunt novel 'Retribution'.

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