Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Air Force (bet that gets some interest)

Been thinking (unusual I know), as part of the background research for the latest book I obtained a copy of the 'Inskip' report that was conducted in 1937 and resulted in the handing over of the Fleet Air Arm of the RAF back to the navy (yes FAA was originally an RAF title!!). I have 9 scanned pages which I suspect quite a lot of you lot, wot read my Blog and FB posts might be interested in reading.  Apart from being an amazing historical document, in my view many of the arguments used are just as pertinent today as back in 1937.  In fact back in 1998 when I was on FONAC staff and we were being suckered into handing the Harriers over to the RAF, I circulated the report aound the headquarters and got a bollocking for being subversive - moi?   If its too much of a slog just read para 21.   Maybe I should send a copy to the First Sea Lord and Secretary of State for Defence, even the Chief of the Air Staff and Captain of HMS Queen Elizabeth.  Happy to be accused of being subversive all over again!!!

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