Friday, 11 November 2016

So where next???

Was it Confucious who said 'May you live in interesting times?'  (actually no one knows - its lost in the mists of time) but its known as the 'Chinese Curse'  and I guess that's exactly what we've got now.
Mr Trump is now going to try to rule the largest economy on the planet.  Personally, I don't think he ever thought he had a chance when he started out and so felt free to say anything he wanted.  Unfortunately for us and probably him, he struck a chord in the US and look where it got him.  However, despite saying loads of things about what he intended to do - he never actually said how he was going to do it  Its interesting that the comments agains Islamists have already been taken down from his web site.  The American constitution is written specifically to ensure the President can't exercise too much power but with both houses in his party's hands goodness knows what will happen.
I was also delighted to see my heroine Nichola Sturgeon say after the American election:
'While this is not the outcome I hoped for, it is the verdict of the American people and we must respect it'  I really liked the chap who posted that on FB with the comment - 'Anyone spot any irony here'!
So, we're going to have riots in the streets when they try to reverse Brexit.  We may or may not do well out of the EU (I think we will but what do I know??).  Scotland will bugger off and become independent and then find they can't join the EU because they are bankrupt.  America will join up with Russia and nuc the middle east.  And then if Trump can do it we might just get the ultimate British nightmare in four years time:

Yesterday I started looking for another narrow boat so Fi and can dissapear in the countryside and hide.

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