Thursday, 3 November 2016

Fed up - I feel like a rant

In 1975 we had a referendum to join the EEC - it passed (democratically) and no one ran around with their hair on fire as a consequence.
Last year we had a vote in parliament for a referendum on the EU - it passed (democratically)
This year we had the referendum and the result was clear (democratically)
All this despite:
Being warned of immediate total economic meldown (to the tune of £30 Bn)  - didn't happen
Being warned of long term economic disaster by the head of the Bank of England (who also predicted the immdediate Armageddon).
The aforementioned banker now says we have at least 2 years of economic growth ahead of us - even while we are negotiating with the EU to leave.
The Pound has dropped (not collapsed, although many use this emotively and see this as a terrible thing) BUT our exports are thriving as a consequence.

The Scots had a referendum and voted to stay in the UK (democratically). As part of the UK myself - me and the rest of us weren't allowed a say in MY country breaking up.  But now they won't bloody shut up.  Two refendum (referenda?) that they agreed to, haven't given them the result some of them wanted.  I really wish the BBC would stop giving that Sturgeon woman so much air time!
The High court today ruled today that parliament must have a say in the article 50 invocation - fair enough.
All the remainers are now shouting this as a victory.  It isn't of course but it clearly shows that they see this as a way of overturning the referendum result.  Wow now that is democratic!
I am fed up being insulted on Face Book and other web sites  as an idiot/moron/person  who hates his grandchildren - (I see today I am a F***kwit apparently) .  I passionately feel that leaving the EU is the best for us for far too many reasons to state here - if you don't agree, fair enough but stop insulting me in the process.

Its funny that most of the vitriol and hyperbole is coming from the remainers.   Maybe its time us silent majority (until now in my case) stood up to be counted - by the way there are 1.7 million more of us!

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