Wednesday, 28 December 2016

New Year statistics and new books

Being that quiet week between Christmas and New Year - what better to do than get out an Excel spreadsheet??  Actually there was a reason for it.  Amazon are very good at providing reports and statistics on book sales.  However, one thing they don't do for some reason is provide the total number of sales of a book since publication.  They do provide monthly spreasheets with the sales figures so I spent a few happy hours going back through them all.  The results were very interesting.  I have always assumed that 'Sea Skimmer' would be the best seller but taken over the period they have all been for sale it is actually 'Boghammer' my novel about the Gulf and the Tanker war that has sold the most per month.
In November I actually paid a marketing firm to do what I hate doing - marketing!  Its till too early to tell but book sales are on the up again.  I even sold twenty on Christmas day.  So the New Year should be interesting.  The new Jon Hunt book is in its 'exciting phase' ie the last third and once again I'm keen to find out how it all ends. 
Also, the Lynx book is in print and should be ready for its launch on 30 March at Yeovilton.  On that note, although it is available for preorder on Amazon already, it will soon also be available to preorder from the 'Navy Wings' web site and this will be at a discount as well as having been signed by the illustrious author! Have a look at  Navy Wings web site  in a couple of weeks.
 Anyone going to the Lynx farewell party at Yeovilton will be able collect their copy then.  Otherwise they will be posted.  Buying them this way will raise more revenue for the charity than through Amazon.

Happy New Year.

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