Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Audio nightmare

Bad news.  It was all going too well.  Despite all my audio files for the new book passing the automatic checks for the web site that produces them and meeting some frankly very tough requirements, ACX the company that produces the books have come up with yet another criteria that they fail to meet.  Bit of a shame that its one that they fail to mention at all in their submission requirements!!!!  So I am looking at reverting to plan B and asking the American company that helped with Sea Skimmer to produce them for me.  The only problem is that it might mean I have to re-record the whole damn thing.  I may put the project on hold as I am busy with the book about the Lynx as well as getting into the new Jon Hunt novel.  The whole things smacks of what it was like to produce Kindles several years ago which was a nightmare until Amazon stepped in and streamlined the whole process.  Maybe I should just wait a year or five until they make the system user friendly.  Sorry if anyone was gong to buy the audio book soon - it may be out in a few months depending on several factors - I will put updates here when I know more.

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