Sunday, 18 October 2015

More audio

Ta dah!!!!!   By dint of hard work and effort beyond the call of duty I finally uploaded the audio version of  Caspian Monster two minutes ago.  Some years ago when I started producing Kindle books the process was a pain the *rse because of the conversion software and need for exact formatting.  That's all changed now and one can simply upload a word file and the jobs a goodun.  Audio books  are another thing altogether.  The recording software is fine but completely full of incomprehensible jargon - luckily there is a users forum which was able to give me the steers I needed.  THEN, even though all the files are produced to the required format you have to run them through another piece of software for some unaccountable reason before uploading each chapter separately.  Oh and there has to be a one second gap at the start and 5 seconds at the end of each chapter which I only discovered once they had all been saved so they all had to be edited.  But hey its done now and I've learned how to do it so the next one should be much easier.  If your into audio it should be available on Amazon, Audible and ITunes within a week or so.  Phew where's that bottle of red..................

Oh and I had to redo the artwork as apparently audio books are square!!!!

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