Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Progress on the Lynx book

I've received some fascinating input for my book about the Lynx helicopter. I'm currently working on the section about the Falklands War.  One of the things that's become quite clear is that we should have got together soon after the war to exchange stories.  Doing it 33 years later is probably just a little too late!  I'm letting each individual Flight tell their story in their own way and entries run from a page and half to 7500 words but that only gives the whole section a degree of authenticity that would disappear if I tried to normalise everything.  Also I'm getting some really original and never seen before photographs which can only add to the narratives.  A couple below:

Entitled 'just another say in the South Atlantic' by the photographer it sort of sums up some of then issues of operating a helicopter at sea!!  Apparently they all got rather wet a few seconds later. 
A sense of humour was also rather essential - this is HMS Penelope Flight, hence the misleading name on the door!! (oh and its a finger).

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