Wednesday, 11 June 2014

No Dragons but plenty of scrounging Swans

We are currently at the top of the Claydon flight of locks in darkest woolly Oxfordshire or possibly even Warwickshire - who knows?  The weather has at last turned sunny and this put me in mind of my self imposed major task.  Over the winter I bought all the equipment and materials and now I had run out of excuses - I was going to have to do some w.........ork.  Yes the sides of the boat need a repaint. The longer I leave it the worse it will get.  So we've found a nice bit of bank that's not under a tree and yesterday I got the sander out and today the brush.  We now have a very lopsided boat with one looking resplendent and the other quite scruffy.  However my plans continue in their cunningness and just a couple of miles further on the tow path crossed to the other side and I can then carry on - assuming the met office have actually got the forecast right for once.

Me doing the 'W' word and clearly confusing Tigger who's never seen it before.

This brood appeared and mugged us for bread.
Then another Swan appeared - this one was bigger.

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