Friday, 13 June 2014

Meandering along

Well the sun is shining, both sides of the boat now have a coat or two of paint and the forecast for the weekend is looking good.  This canal is absolutely stunning even if the blind bends make life just a little interesting.  We aim to be at the top of the Napton flight tomorrow morning and at the bottom by the afternoon.  Surprisingly there is a pub there which will be exactly right for our continuing Sunday Lunch adventure.  For those wanting to know our 'plans' such as they are.  We're definitely going down to Stratford on Avon and almost certainly then the Avon and Severn.  I just can't face going through the centre of Birmingham or for that matter going down the 50 locks of the Tardebigge flight which are the only alternatives.

The view from our dining/living/bedroom the other night

Some gratuitous country side shots, no cars, no noise, except for the odd cow or sheep (and no dragons)

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