Sunday, 29 June 2014

Back to the ditches

The forecast weather duly arrived but in the end it wasn't enough to make either the Avon or Severn turn into raging torrents.  After leaving Pershore we went on down the Avon to Tewskbury but being moored next to an abandoned mill wasn't much fun so the next morning we locked out into the mighty Severn.  This is a much wider river and all the locks are manned, unlike the Avon ones which require no little effort and sometimes even a bit of imagination to get through them. The lock keepers are all very chatty although what one tells you to do is immediately contradicted by the next one.  One night in Worcester was enough and we are now at Stourport on Severn, a delightful little town and the start of the Staffs and Worcester canal.  Fi and I were walking about having a look when we suddenly realised we had been her before.  It was one of the places we visited last year when we were boat hunting.  Things look very different from a boaty perspective.  So we are really going to have to slow down now.  I have some maintenance to do and we need to give the boat a good clean so we'll be here a few days before setting off into the wilds once more.

The old bridge just south of Pershore a lovely place to stop but guaranteed had we gone through the lock then someone else would have been on it and we would then have had to go miles further before we could find a mooring.

A shot of the Severn, wide, straight and with virtually nowhere to stop.  Not our favourite bit of water and we're both quite glad to be off it.

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