Thursday, 26 June 2014

Avon calling

We escaped Stratford yesterday and headed down the River Avon - err that's the one that goes down to Gloucester, as to my knowledge there are at least four Avons's in the country.  'Avon' means 'river' in celtic or old Saxon or somesuch.  Clearly our forefathers had rather limited imagination.  However, this particular Avon is absolutely stunning, not the least because we are heading downstream, which is a hell of an improvement from going upstream on the Thames a while ago.  It's forecast to rain tonight.  I have all my fingers and toes crossed that when we turn up the Severn on Saturday from Tewksbury, that the rain hasn't turned that river into a raging torrent - the ground is still very wet and not a lot of rain will end up in the rivers very quickly.
We're currently in Pershore a very pleasant town having stayed in Evesham last night.  For some reason Tigger likes it as we are moored by a large park and I can chuck his ball until his legs fall off - he's really happy.  I've been accused by someone who will remain nameless (Linds my daughter) of being cynical and always negative - bollocks - Shakespeare was a fraud and I still hate him to death.

Escape from Stratford on the 'River'  'River'

A friend of mine once said  'I wonder what the poor people are doing today?' and then pointed out that he wasn't talking about money (Revington).  That was in the Caribbean - nah this is even better.



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