Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Emperor or is it 'The Bard' has no clothes.

So we're now in Stratford on Avon having successfully navigated through the million or so really heavy locks to get here but in rather lovely weather.  Sunday Lunch at the very nice Fleur de Lys pub was a 9 - it all looked wonderful until we tried to cut the beef, then points were lost.  We're moored in a basin area right in the centre of town.  Its nice to know that pictures of Amelie May will now appear in the home albums of a large number of Japanese people who seem to want to snap just about anything.  At least we haven't had them climbing on board as other boaters have reported.
Right, I am on a mission.  I've conducted a rather un-scientific poll of many people here and not one has disagreed with what I'm about to say.  Shakespeare - rammed down my throat at school.  Beloved of the 'luvvy' actor brigade and almost a national religion and certainly not someone to commit heresy over.  Well I'm sorry, although I understand nearly every word he wrote, I completely fail to understand the order he put the bloody things in.  He might well have some good stories - who really knows? As all you get is hours of almost incomprehensible gibberish.  There I've said it, maybe others will start to agree and we can have a 'Shakespeare's got no clothes' revolution just like the fairy tale of similar name.

The rather scary aqueduct we had to negotiate - only a fifty foot drop if you took two steps to the right.

The Basin in Stratford and not one Japanese tourist in sight - took a long time to get this shot.

Is Tigger:

1. Hoping for a long slow cigar?
2. Hoping I'll take him to chase his ball in the park opposite?
3. Thinking to himself - just like me - this is all just pretentious b****cks.

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