Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A few days orf

As promised to ourselves, we've stayed in Stourport for a couple of lazy days.  Lazy that is if you count servicing the engine, polishing the new paintwork, fitting a new tachometer, and a good general clean up.  There's a chandlers nearby as well but I've managed to avoid spending a fortune in there which is an achievement in itself.  There's also a LIDL which means once again we are stocked up with booze and scoff.
Our plans now, such as they are, are to head on up this canal until it joins the Shropshire Onion which we will go along to Middlewich.  Depending on the timing we may well then head off down well trodden territory to get to Macclesfield by the middle of August.  Or maybe not.

A couple of shots of the basins at Stourport.  In the late seventeen hundreds the canal was built to connect Birmingham to the Severn and hence Bristol - rather like the Oxford canal joined Brum to London via the Thames.  There are four large basins here that served to take the produce from the narrow canal to the bigger river and now are a very pretty site with a marina and picnic areas.

The top pound at Stourport with the good ship Amelie May in the distance.  Very quiet and convenient and our setting off point for the next great adventure inland.

And just behind us is the 'Blossom' Café where, once again the current Mrs J-C was found stuffing her face. Not that I had any of course.

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