Sunday, 18 May 2014

Silly us

So, as mentioned in the previous post, we're home for the weekend and the weather is even better than forecast.  We are now living in the village of Martock which we moved back to a few months ago.  It is only a few miles away that we had our old house and we were there for almost twenty five years.  It was only when Fiona went out with some friends the other day that she discovered that the parkland of Montacute House which is very close by, is free to walk around.  Most people will have seen the house as it appears in countless costume dramas, not the least Pride and Prejudice.  What an absolute gem that we completely ignored for all those years - silly us. 
On a different note, some time ago I was invited to a meeting at the Fleet Air Arm museum, which is only a few miles away.  I wasn't going to able to attend as we should have been on the boat but now I can go.  The meeting has been set up by a British historian who is collaborating with an Argentinian one to discuss the details of the Exocet raid of the 30 January 1982.  There is a large article in this blog about it which I posted two years ago.  Many in Argentina still fervently believe that two A4 jet pilots managed to fly right into the Task Force and bomb HMS Invincible - utter nonsense but when did a conspiracy theorist ever let facts get in the way of his beliefs?!  The meeting is going to discuss the evidence and I think will lead to a book or essay on the subject.  Fingers crossed then that we don't start the Falklands War off all over again.

Montacute house at the end of the spectacular Beech tree avenue.  All free to wander around.  Mind you Fi was quite upset when Colin Firth didn't appear out of the lake as we walked past!!

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