Wednesday, 14 May 2014

At last some sunshine

We've moved on a bit now and have passed the highest part of the K&A at the Bruce tunnel and Crofton pumping station and are now on the downhill run towards Reading.  There are still dire warnings about the current flow on the River Kennet which we join shortly especially at the dreaded County Lock at Reading which has a large weir off to one side.  Get the approach wrong and you end up washed sideways onto the weir as a boat did only a few weeks ago.  Still we won't be there for some weeks  as we have to go home for a few days this weekend and will be leaving the boat in a marina in Newbury.  If this glorious weather lasts then the flow should be down quite quickly.
Things are going really well on the book front now.  My sales picked up with the publishing of 'Bog Hammer' and have stayed up ever since.  I'm wondering whether to stop off at the Aston Martin dealership this weekend - maybe not just yet.
As previously mentioned, the next book 'Glasnost' and will mainly be about the final fall of the Soviet Empire.  However there will be a couple of surprises in store for those who think this one will be a simple follow on.  I'd just better get down to writing it.

Just need to train Tigger to turn the handle!
Aren't these panorama pictures fun?
Had to do a selfie - er, as I found out what a little button on my phone camera did.

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