Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Carrying on down the ditch

Pootlin' has continued for the last few days.  We left Devizes and stopped at the famous pub The Barge at the delightfully named hamlet of Honey Street.  This is the pub that specialises in crop circles and the like but none were seen, neither were there any aliens in sight.  Mind you the appearance of some of the people in the scruffy boats moored nearby were getting pretty damned close.  Thence on to Pewsey and today it was onwards through the Bruce Tunnel to Crofton.  This is the highest point on the canal and the site of the oldest working, steam, beam engine in the world.  That'll be the one that they fire up once a month - last weekend - b****er.
We're slowly getting back into the routine of being ultra lazy and not travelling very far but it might just take some months yet.........

The white horse on the hill in the ---------  Vale of the White Horse.  Actually its a Victorian cheat but it still looks good.  This is in Honey Street and as you can see - not one alien in sight.

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