Sunday, 25 May 2014

Back in the old routine

My meet up at the FAA museum went very well.  The Argentinian guys were extremely open and a great time was had by all - not one attempt to restart hostilities. So thence back to the boat and we're settling back into the routine for the third time in as many weeks.  Hopefully this time we will be on board for several months.  We are now at the infamous Woolhampton lock.  Infamous because just below the lock the Rive Kennet rejoins with a vengeance causing a strong cross current.  It is not helped by a swing bridge only a few yards further on which has to be operated with a key.  Actually its not that much of a problem - but tell that to the charter boats all of whom seem to have been told to do it the wrong way.  So tomorrow I will sit in an empty lock while Fi opens the bridge - which you can't quite see from inside the lock - and the when all is ready apply full throttle and leg it out into the stream hoping: a. not to hit the bridge supports and b. to be able to stop with a strong stream behind me to pick Fi up once she has shut the bridge.  What could possibly go wrong??
On the plus side right next to the bridge is the 'Rowbarge' pub and its a cracker.  Friends came down yesterday, so we had a rather liquid lunch with them.  Today we had our first 'Sunday Lunch assessment' of the new boating season and it was a very respectable 9.  My Yorkshire pud was a bit flat and the plate had been assembled with the meat on top of all the veg - very pretentious.  Someone has been watching too much MasterChef methinks.  Still it was pretty good and an excellent start to our search for the perfect 10.  Hopefully we will be on the Thames by Tuesday and thence to Oxford by the end of the week.

Sunday Lunch in the offing

I'm getting better at 'Selfies' and the beer was bloody good too.

Now look Mr Chef - dumping the sliced cow on top of the veg is just silly and cost you points!

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  1. I'd mark 'the chef' down on that straight away. A lot too 'arty-farty'. Sunday lunch should be more Brian Blessed than David Dickinson. AND with that much gravy sloshing around where do you put the horseradish sauce?