Thursday, 24 April 2014


This morning I checked my book sales and was delighted to see a total of 1002 books to date this month and there are six more days in April, which is meant to be a poor month for book sales.  The new one 'Bog Hammer' has outsold all the others despite getting only one review so far on Amazon.  All I can think of is that there are a great deal of readers out there who are following the series.  So the plan - as posted earlier - was going to be a third book in the Jacaranda series but I'm going to put that on hold now.  I have an idea for a new Jon Hunt book which I will work on over the summer whilst we are pootling around the country in Amelie May.  Like most of my stories I have an end in mind and a place to start - as usual joining the two up will be a voyage of discovery.  My best 'writing' is done in the bath, walking the dog, or just as I fall asleep (normally forget those bits!).  However stooging down a canal on a sunny day at two miles an hour is also good for inspiration.  So Fi and I will be back to the boat next week for a few months of that.

The current crop - the new book will be called 'Glasnost' and I will say no more but as usual there is a bit of hint in the title.

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