Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What might have happened in the Gulf

Published today is the fifth novel in the Jon Hunt Series. (The keen eyed will see the addition in the books listed on the right - 'Bog Hammer')
Many do not realise that the Iran Iraq war was the biggest conflict in the world with the exception of the two World Wars.  That so many died and so much damage was done can be laid at the door of many countries not just the antagonists.  It was of course the precursor to the two Gulf Wars but one does wonder if we, the West, had applied the same moral standards that we seem to want to impose on others whether any of this need to have happened at all.
So, the Iran Iraq war is over but that doesn't mean that the area is either safe or secure.  Saddam has yet to decide to invade Kuwait but both countries would dearly have like to get one over on the other.  Into this mix, HMS Prometheus, now commanded by my steely eyed hero, is deployed on Armilla Patrol to protect British interests and shipping.  Needless to say all does not go to plan....

One of the main players in the novel a HWASONG 6


  1. My grandmother was your uncle Peter's 1st cousin and for the past 4 years I have putting together a family tree. I remember my grandmother (Florence Croft nee Richardson) telling us that Peter had lost his life when the aircraft he was in was shot down over Poland in 1944.
    When I contacted John Croft about Peter last week he could not add much to the information I already had about Peter although he was able tell me about you.

    It would be wonderful if you could help me fill in the some of the gaps on Peter and on your side of the family so that I can add them to the tree. If you have any photos of Peter that would be the icing on the cake.

    Your very hopefully,


    1. Paul - contact me direct on - I do have some photos which I could scan for you and all the family scuttlebutt!!