Friday, 2 May 2014

And - we're off...........................

So our 2014 adventure has started.  We escaped the clutches of the marina this morning and headed up the K&A for a full three hours.  Fingers crossed, the boat seems to have survived the winter well and all systems seem to be working.  Seven locks were successfully negotiated and we are now parked at the bottom of the main Caen flight.  We will do that tomorrow with some friends and then the wilds of Wiltshire await.  As we left the marina a Heron flew overhead in the direction we were heading and then we saw a Kingfisher in the trees, the sun even came out for a minute.  Its a tough life but someone has to do it.
On a different subject, many thanks to everyone who has bought my books recently, sales are really going up, if you could take time to review them on Amazon, I would greatly appreciate it.

Alright, the first locks did have the odd issue, like the wash from one, as I emptied it, spinning Fiona and boat around in a circle but at least it provided entertainment for the fisherman who was watching.

The good ship Amelie May with her driver plus a small mountain to climb in the background.

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