Thursday, 22 August 2013

So where are all the aliens then??

We set of from Crofton with some 'new best friends' in another boat which was handy as Fi was feeling rotten and they did all the locks.  Once past the four locks at the Bruce tunnel which is the canal's highest point we have a pound 14 miles long with no locks at all - hurrah!  Now, eighteen years ago we did this stretch on a holiday charter and there was a pub that had a special room that featured all the recent crop circles of that year.  Would it still be there? - yes it was and it still has the slightly loony/hippie atmosphere that it had before. It's called The Barge and is in the village of Honey Street if anyone ever wants to find it.  Of course, being believers, we sat outside in the sunshine scanning the sky for UFO's or other strange sights but were sadly disappointed.  Mind you it was a perfect excuse for a few beerios.  We're off to some friends for the weekend for a sixtieth birthday, then they have been mad enough to say they will come with us and help do the 29 locks of the Caen flight on Monday. 

The canals never cease to amaze.  Here was a massive set of open fields and a lock, so they go and put a swing bridge right over the top of it.

The view opposite The Barge pub.  Not aliens but a copy of the original white horse - done in 1812 apparently - or was it????

A selection of themed beers - not cashing in at all!

This years selection of crop circles.  According to the girl behind the bar it hasn't been a good year for 'circling' apparently the farmers aren't too upset.   Maybe the novelty is at last wearing off??

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  1. No aliens? Oh wait a minute, you went on a THURSDAY. The aliens all come in on FRIDAY.