Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ice cold in Devizes

So, plans never quite work out.  We had a great weekend at a friend's birthday and got back to the boat on Monday for a mildly hungover, assisted trip down the 29 locks of the Caen flight.  Our friends from the weekend were with us and all prepared to swing spanners and push locks, the weather was glorious.  However, the boat that was moored behind us and should have already left was still there.  The flight was shut.  Some moron had managed to get the bow of his boat caught under the lock door as he was flooding up and apparently instead of going into reverse, slammed the throttle forward and by the time the paddles were closed the door had been lifted off its hinges. Its the second last of the flight and so the whole lot have had to be shut.  According to witnesses he didn't even apologise, just shrugged and headed off.  Anyway, we are now stuck at the top and waiting to see how long it will take to fix.  Its probably going to be by the end of the week so not too much is lost except my plan to head into Bristol for a day or two before I have to go to the boat show.  However at least we have found a marina to take us for the winter - at the bottom of the flight of course.  Meanwhile we are in Devizes with water, toilet emptying and shops all to hand - it could be worse.  I suppose some of the things on the 'winter list' are now going to be done early.

You wouldn't think that the buoyancy of a narrow boat was strong enough to lift a five ton gate up of its hinges - but clearly it can and without even sinking the b***er!!

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