Friday, 30 August 2013


A day after being stuck we decided to go down a few locks and moor up at the top of the main Caen flight.  The spot had water, a toilet empty, a café, a shop and a pub, so not too bad really.  As we arrived the local TV were there and we were interviewed.  So on Thursday night we watched the tele with breath bated for our moment of fame - didn't happen.  The story was the top one of the day but they cut out most of the interviews.  We were mainly asked what we thought about charter boats.  I thought I was quite tactful having been one myself in the past.  However there is a rumour going around that the charter companies got wind of it and got back at the TV station as it might effect their business.  The reality is that the guy who damaged the lock, had also drained a pound, had hit a swing bridge and at least one other boat so was clearly several accidents waiting to happen.  I still want to meet him and offer my appreciation................
So we buddied up with the other boats there and made the best of it, including the odd sundowner or three.
So off to Bath now to moor up next to my daughters boat for a few weeks and then maybe a trip to Bristol before heading back the marina for the winter.

The Caen flight looking up - sixteen locks but there are thirteen more either side.  The whole stretch is two and half miles long but I reckon I walked it about five times opening and closing gates.

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  1. 'Famous author not featured on TV'. Is this your first media disappointment?