Monday, 19 August 2013

Almost all downhill from here

So we are now at Crofton which is the site of two massive steam engines that used to pump water into the canal.  In fact they both still work and they run them once a month - next weekend - bugger.  One of them is the oldest beam engine still operating in the world and a few years ago when the modern electric pumps failed they used them for real.  We have a few more locks to go up and then the Bruce tunnel which is the highest point  after that all the locks go downhill, which will make a change.  More to the point there are four locks after the tunnel and then no more for fourteen miles - bliss. Then we hit Devizes and the Caen flight 29 locks in one swell foop.  Hopefully Fi's really stinking cold will be better by then.

One of two boilers that power the steam pumps. Victorian technology at its best.

The locks at the Crofton flight, tomorrow they should all be pointing the opposite way.

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  1. I seem to remember a holiday on that stretch of the K & A. It must have been nearly 20 years ago. I suppose the Crop Circle pub is still going strong? Good luck with the 29 'steps' but surely if Fi is under the weather you'll do them single-handed?