Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Back to the real world?

We spent the weekend in Abingdon just next to a riverside pub called the Nags Head and very nice it was too.  They achieved a Sunday lunch score of 8.5 because although the meal was good the meat had obviously been carved some time before.  The search for the perfect 10 continues.

We then exited the large and rather unwelcoming Thames yesterday - by unwelcoming I mean the cumulative effective all the 'no mooring' signs everywhere and entered the small Oxford canal.  It's narrow, scruffy and shallow but actually very pretty once you get clear of Oxford.  We did a quick trip into the town centre and I'm pretty sure my theory that millions of episodes of Morse and Lewis has actually done for all the residents was correct.  There were thousands of people thronging the streets, most of them seemed to be from Japan and moved around in giggling gaggles.  However, local residents seemed to be in short supply - all murdered!!
Great fun this morning, after a monster thunder storm with wet decks, I managed to slip getting in the front of the boat and bang my left leg.  I thought I had broken it but luckily it's settling down quite quickly, so a trip to casualty is postponed and at least it gets me out of cooking tonight.

On a different note, my book sales have been pretty strong recently and I hope some of them have been bought by readers of this blog.  Could I therefore beg/plead/ask/grovel for some reviews in Amazon. Amazon have been tinkering with the site in recent months and even more than  before,  the one thing that now sells books better than anything else is reviews.  In fact Sea Skimmer is currently rated No 1 in the Kindle store 'naval fiction' category based on customer reviews  but it would be good to get it higher in other categories as well as the other books.

Continuing the 'odd things one sees on the water' photos - rowing boats with stabilisers.


  1. Hope you've got a good water-catchment arrangement, perhaps a tube from the bimini?
    Congrats on being 'no 1' in the list, any tips more than welcome :)
    Is it true that you now wish to be known as 'Long John' following your fall and if so be aware that it won't get you out of the cooking.

  2. Ah Jerry lad, war wounds are to be expected in the battles of the canals

  3. Ah Jerry lad, war wounds are to be expected in the battles of the canals