Friday, 26 July 2013

About - turn!

Yup we finally turned around today.  We reached Banbury where the Cross Ladies on White Horses come from because we were in dire danger of running out of wine, beer, gin, whiskey - oh and food.  There's a big Morrisons close to the waterside.
The lower reaches of this canal are a nightmare with miles of bank taken up with permanent moorings but once clear of that it's extraordinarily pretty.  We've turned around as the plan is to head back to Oxford next weekend prior to going back down the Thames to Reading for a foray up the Kennet and Avon.  Turning was fun - as seems quite common, the hire companies seem to think that the 'Winding' holes are for them to store their boats in rather than for the everyone else to use to turn around.  Well we got a 60 ft boat around in about 61 feet of space so who am I to complain.
Now we are heading back down the way we've come we will know where to stop and we've eyeballed the village of Aynho  (pronounced 'I know') for Sunday Lunch - everyone says the pub is excellent - we shall see.

Spot the difference. 

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