Saturday, 20 July 2013

Walking the dog

Another gentle pootle in the sun saw us moored above a lock near the village of Dorchester on Thames.  We went for a walk around the village which is really cute and were quite surprised.  It must be one that is used in Midsomer Murders it was so picturescue.  So why were there people there?  Surely they should have all been murdered by now?
Our mooring point was perfect, enough shade to sit out, in a large deserted meadow, a lovely breeze for a change and a stunning sunset.  We'll be back this way in a few weeks and hopefully can get into the same place - we just need the same weather!!!

I don't want to clutter up the blog with photos of the boat but this was just too hard to resist.

And the reason for the title of the post - a perfect way to walk the dog, - sitting in a chair in the sunshine drinking Pimms.

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