Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Are we in Canada?

We met an extremely nice family as we left Hemel Hempstead the other day.  They were fascinated by the locks and the whole canal thing.  As they were from Canadia that's not surprising.  Now as we get closer to London we are seeing more and more of their geese, have we turned the wrong way?
Another surprise occurred just as we arrived in Berkhamstead, a family was cycling past on the towpath.  One girl of about fourteen got her front wheel caught in a rut and literally rode straight into the canal.  Not sure who was more taken aback!  I suddenly had visions of having to dive in but she was out like a shot.  It then took quite a bit of thinking to retrieve her bike without someone else getting wet.  The judicious use of our bank stick did the trick.
Sunday Lunch in Berkhamstead was an 8,  the pub called 'The Boat' was a bit of a gastro pub and the food was good without there being too much but they failed to get a higher score because one of my roast spuds was so hard I literally couldn't cut it, let alone eat it and there was too little gravy this time.  Still if the trend continues that perfect 10 should occur in a few weeks time.
Should be in London in a few days just as the weather forecast is roasting but it means we should have good weather and fair tides for our epic voyage up the Thames which is the plan.  We'll certainly be glad to get away from this bit of the Grand Union, as its nothing but locks and they're spaced too far apart to walk between them so you never get into a rhythm.   We're waiting for our first visitor now and are parked up in preparation just down from what looks like a rather nice canal side pub.  Hangover tomorrow???

Loads and loads of Canadian geese - maybe we should start eating them?

You know when you're approaching London, not by the increase in buildings - because its stayed amazingly rural but by the type of boat you see.

Continuing the theme of strange wildlife encountered, this Monkey was seen hanging from a derelict building - poor thing.  And we must be getting near the sea as we've also seen several Cormorants which is surprising as I wouldn't have thought they would eat fresh water fish.

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