Saturday, 6 July 2013

No not Canada it must be Italy

My navigation seems to be getting worse as we are now in Little Venice!  We met up with Peter, our old friend for two days and yes the hangovers were as expected.  Yesterday we moved onto the Paddington arm of the GU.  We are actually in the heart of London now and very pretty it is too (and very hot!!!)  We were warned that it can get busy here but my boat handling must be improving as we got our 60ft boat into a 60ft 1 inch gap with no problem.  We also managed to find a 'fuel boat' and top up our tanks as on Monday we move on to the marina at Limehouse so we can exit onto the Thames on Tuesday.  The tidal window is that we must leave three and half hours before high water which means a hellishly early start - at midday.  I've been reading various blogs about how dangerous it is with the wash from commercial vessels etc. We shall see.  The aim is to be in the non tidal Thames in 3-4 hours and then it all gets quiet again.  If the weather keeps up as forecast it should be a wonderful trip.  So lots of piccies of the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge etc to come and absolutely none of us wrapped around the supports of one of the bridges when our engine fails!!!!
The only disappointment looks to be on the Sunday Lunch front - we did a recce when we arrived and every pub and restaurant around is fully booked.  But as a certain tennis match is on that afternoon I suspect Fi won't be too upset.

The pretty confluence of two arms of the GU right in the middle of London known as Little Venice.

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