Friday, 28 June 2013

Warning: Andy Murray is bad for a boat's batteries.

The use of the television had gone up exponentially in the last few days because someone wants to watch Wimbledon all afternoon and it draws 5 amps!! What gets me, is when I merely observe that some female player has a cute bum, I get 'the look' but apparently its alright to admire the male physique.  Ho hum, I'll get my own back at the weekend as it's the British Grand Prix, unless of course there's a fight for the remote control.
In other news we have just left Leighton Buzzard and are on the way to Berkhamstead for Sunday Lunch although we may stop slightly short at the wonderfully named village of Cow Roast - I'm not kidding.  Now, I wonder what will be on the Sunday Lunch menu?  To get here we have been travelling down the River Ouzel valley.  In other words pootling down the Ouzel to get roast cow at Cow Roast - I'll get me coat.

On the continuing theme of what wildlife we are seeing - spotted this Lion on a hill side.  Also spotted our first Kingfisher (briefly).

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