Wednesday, 26 June 2013

So where are the concrete cows?

We've arrived in Milton Keynes so I can go to the dentist and as the title of the post suggests, we are really disappointed that we've only seen real cows here.  However, we have been racking up the wildlife total over the last few days.  Apart from the Ducks of various sorts ie, Swans, Moorhens and real Ducks as well as Herons, as we went past a reed bed yesterday I saw a Terrapin.  Not one of the little things you see in pet shops this was a veritable monster, with giant teeth and feral eyes and a spiked tail - oops, no hang on that was last nights dream (must lay off the cheese), but even so it was actually quite large, about a foot across.  Unfortunately by the time I twigged to what it was we were well past and I didn't have time to to use the camera.  An escaped pet I assume.  Then in the afternoon we took the hound for a walk near a nature reserve and saw a Red Kite having an aerial battle with a smaller bird.   We get loads of Buzzards at home in Devon but this is the first Kite I've seen. Otherwise all is well, the sun has been out and we've even had to slurp on some sunscreen.  Leighton Buzzard and Berkhamstead to come.

Trust me I know my Kites - and you try taking a photo of a bird in bright sunlight on your phone when you can't see the screen.

And there are all sorts of strange things in the long grass!!

And just for a change a shot of where we've been rather than where we're going and as you will clearly see - no cows of any sort in sight!!

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