Sunday, 23 June 2013

Another Sunday, another Sunday Lunch

Moved on again through yet another tunnel, this time the Blisworth and at 3000yds the third longest in the country and more importantly the wettest.  There were veritable waterfalls through the roof in places but we had been warned and had our foulies on.  Stoke Bruerne is the little canal village on the far side where we are now camped and very pretty it is too.  It has a fascinating little museum which includes the mock up of the inside of the living area of an old working boat.  A whole family would live in an area smaller than our living room on board here.  Privacy was clearly not an option.  There are two pubs to choose from so in about an hour we will have to make a decision.  Actually it might be made for us as only one lets dogs inside and it's forecast to rain.  Fi is happy we stayed above the two locks in the village as for some reason she hates an audience when locking and of course one is right by one of the pubs.  That said, we might go and have a pint and watch other people cock it up - always a  pleasure when its not you!! Friday night was a bit of a disaster as when taking a last drink of water I managed to swallow the tooth filling that had been loose for a week.  I decided not to follow Fi's advice and look for it in a few days time and now have a list of dentists to ring on Monday morning.  This week we will be mostly pootling down past Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard and Berkhamstead.  Should be in the smoke in about two to three weeks.

Thanks for all those who have purchased the new novel - dare I ask for some reviews on Amazon??

Haven't seen one of these for a while - its not a duck because although it has feathers it doesn't float, so we call them Henrys.

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