Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ohm's law should be repealed

So we pootled into the little village of Hopwas near Tamworth for a day and ended up staying longer than intended.  The engine charging system had been doing odd things for  a few days so I decided to have a look see.  The problem with a boat that someone else has wired up is that its  *****y hard to work out what all the wires are actually doing.  Ohms law is no help whatsoever even though I had an ammeter as well as volt meter.   However, much to my embarrassment in the process, I discovered that I had wired up my battery monitor incorrectly and also managed to open circuit my Alternator.  That may not mean much to readers - to me it meant £135 to get it repaired.  Luckily there was a local firm who collected it and did the business.  However, with it rebuilt and a fair amount of the electrics redesigned, its all working rather well.
We have also decided on a strategy - to be called the 'Sunday Roast challenge'.  Every Sunday we will ensure we are near a pub and give their Sunday lunches marks out of ten. Something to really look forward to!! The first contender, the Red Lion in Hopwas, only got four as the veg was undercooked.  That said, the beer was fine. 
We've now moved on and are in the village Atherstone in the middle of a flight of eleven locks.  We'll soon be on the Grand Union with wider locks and more boats but hopefully, warmer, less fizzy beer.

Sorry for the boring photo of an alternator but it caused me so much grief it had to be named and shamed.

One reasonably fluffy Cockapoo.  Five minutes later the silly ass fell into the canal by a lock when trying to lean in for a drink, almost got run over by the boat and I had to fish him out.  He probably won't do that again.


  1. You must have gone straight passed "The Pretty Pigs Inn", to the east of Tamworth, just north of the canal. Their breakfast buffet is just what the hungry sailor ordered.

  2. Damn - might have to turn around then!!

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