Thursday, 13 June 2013

And now for something completely different

Yes, a post that has nothing to do with boats, electrics or ducks today.

Some may remember a while ago, some posts about my latest book.  This is a Science Fiction novel and very different to my others.  Its actually based on my first ideas for a story which I had many years ago.  On the basis of all the good reviews my published books have on Amazon, I thought that  an established track record would be a  selling point with mainstream agents.  On spec I sent it to two who specialise in Sci Fi.  One rejected straight away the other took ages so I kept counsel just in case it was being considered.  After almost three months and some nagging,  I got this:

'It’s certainly pacey stuff and you do well to create visual world, it really came alive as I read. However, it’s not quite as literary as I look for.'

Apart from the dreadful English - it's the first time I've had that sort of praise for one of my books even if its not 'literary' enough - whatever that means.  So give me a few days to finish polishing and the novel 'Siren' will appear for sale on Amazon worldwide.  As usual, I would really appreciate feedback on Amazon or to me directly. 
For those of you who have been asking about a fourth naval novel - it's well underway - about a third complete although the RN are being a bit anal about some of the subject matter so I might have to do some tweaking when its finished.

Back to ducks and the canals next time.

The latest epic out on Sunday.


  1. "However, it’s not quite as literary as I look for.'"

    I think he/she was looking for more ducks in the story line.

    (Couldn't resist)