Sunday, 16 June 2013

New book

Finally the new book 'Siren' is available on Amazon today.  This a is a departure from all my previous ones, it's pure Science Fiction.  It's based on an idea I had many years ago when I was growing up in Winchester.  There is an old stone age hill fort there called St Catherine's Hill.  All sorts of strange stories are told about it, for example there is meant to be a buried chapel right at the top but there is no sign of it.  Just to one side of the summit is a path cut into the ground in a strange pattern, locally known as the 'Miz Maze' it may have had hedges there in years gone by. Another story is that a pupil from Winchester College hanged himself there.  The hill is a strangely regular shape.  As a boy, I fantasized that a space ship was hidden underneath.  Later, I wondered what would happen if I woke it up.  This led to me speculating about how I would cope with suddenly being given effectively God like powers.  Its not an easy question to answer and so eventually Siren was born.  How would you save humanity from itself without being corrupted yourself or causing catastrophic damage?  The book proposes one approach and allows me to murder some sacred cows on the way.  As ever, if you do buy a copy, a review on Amazon would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: apologies -  the current new book pages on Amazon are a bit muddled with the cover image in the wrong place - a rude email has been sent and I'm waiting a reply. 

St Catherine's hill, just south of Winchester in Hampshire, spookily regular in shape, are there aliens beneath???

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