Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Back to the ducks

So all the fun of book launches is over and its back to our saga on the cut or in the ditch depending on how you view it. .  We're now at the junction of the Coventry and Grand Union canals at Braunston junction.  I'm waiting for the delivery of a new controller for the alternator as there are still some Gremlins hiding in the charging system.  As soon as it arrives we are off up six locks and then through the 2000yd Braunston tunnel.  This one is two way and we keep hearing stories of boats colliding inside.  Me, I think its just folk telling tall stories - we shall see.  What we do know is from now on we are on double locks rather than the nice simple single ones we've been used to so far.  Still they will be a bigger target for Fi to hit, oops I mean miss.

A couple of gratuitous canal photos on the way to Braunston .

And we've invented a new fun canal game.  Late night drunken, duck feeding - (us being the drunks!) this guy was getting quite angry when he didn't get any bread and hissed at us a lot.  To be fair both parents let the babies get the lions share of the bread.

So, if you've read this far - buy my new book!!!!!!!

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