Saturday, 8 June 2013

Serious navigation

We came across a junction yesterday and actually had to make a decision about where to go.  Should we go straight on or turn right into the Coventry canal?  We turned right but not for far as Fradely Junction was a very pretty place with several cafes and a pub.  Not only that but they served Marstons Pedigree without one of those horrible little nozzles most of the pubs have that make the beer fizzy to give it a head.  Today we pootled a few hours and stopped in a nice little village who's name escapes me but its only a few miles form Tamworth.  Unfortunately my alternator charging system is playing up and I need to service the engine anyway so tomorrow is going to be Sunday Lunch in the pub, the Canadian Grand Prix and an oil change - not necessarily in that order.

The signpost helped.  (Don't get those in the middle of the Atlantic) - Fradley Junction

And for all of you who gave me grief the other day when I described a Swan as a duck - see I'm not the only one!!

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