Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A brief respite

Well not quite.  We've been home for a week and go back to Amelie May in ten days.  I spent a weekend in London talking about Transatlantic sailing and Caribbean cruising -  a bit of a contrast to life 'on the cut'.  Still the sailing rally is gaining momentum and my cunning plan to get back to Antigua for  Christmas is still viable.  I put one photo on Facebook the other day when we renamed the boat but there are a few more below.  It was a great day - we did a whole mile or so up the canal so we could moor on the bank where the new name was photographable as in the marina the stern was well out from the finger jetty.  Trying to get everyone on the stern would almost certainly ended up with someone swimming!  The rear end of a traditional narrow boat is crowded with two people.

OK so breaking a champagne bottle over her didn't work but one Amelie May watching a glass of bubbly being thrown over the other one wasn't a bad compromise.
Another shot of the participants - the new addition to the family is hiding on mum's chest.

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