Monday, 27 May 2013

So thats all the gardening done then

Back on the boat now and final preps for leaving tomorrow.  Two troughs of flowers and herbs are now on the roof to provide some colour and flavour.  We'll be heading back towards the Trent and Mersey but not going quite as fast as we came up it - fast being a relative term as in a shallow canal like the Macclesfield we are hard pushed to get over 3 knots anyway.  We'll head down towards Birmingham which is meant to be really good these days and probably to London before heading back up the Thames to Oxford.  Had a really good party to go to on Saturday and even today on Monday I'm feeling the effects.  Guess I'll stop drinking for a week or so (yeah right).
So question of the day:  we're leaving tomorrow - guess what the forecast is? - B***dy rain all day.