Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Work, work, work.

At last my hands are free of paint, having spent the last ten days slapping it all over the boat.  Now it will be oil as I have to service the engine and generator and then it will polish, as all the remaining paintwork needs to be cut back and polished.  The list has shrunk as most of the big jobs have been done although if we ever actually get to the end I will be very surprised.  In amongst all this my daughter-in-law has produced a lovely little baby girl – Maisie June.   I don’t envy my son with three females in the house.  Mid next week we will be leaving the boat as I have to go to London to help with a preparation weekend for the Christmas Caribbean Rally which I am helping to organise.   More details are available at: http://www.sailingrallies.com/.   Then my nephew is getting married then there is a party to go to.  We should be back on the boat, hungover at the end of May.

The newly painted bow where it used to say 'Blue Moon'

But doesn't now because she has a new name. (took me ages to paint it on - er put the stickers in place!)

The automatic central heating system

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  1. Never mind Neil's 'female problem' I think you might have just acquired one! I could always preview your blog posts for you :)