Thursday, 21 March 2013

No we definitely are not there yet

So, another year of writing, playing golf very badly and watching the rain has been put on hold.  Last week we bought a sixty footer - narrow boat called Blue Moon.  We've had this idea in the back of our mind ever since we got back from the Caribbean.  Just think - little risk of moorings pulling out, no rough offshore passages etc etc.  Ok it may not be quite as sunny and we definitley won't be catching any large fish but there will always be the next corner to look around and new people to meet which is what its all about.
We spent a weekend looking at boats and most were rubbish.  People seem to think its a good idea to post four year old photos of a boat and then wonder why we're not interested when the boat turns out to a complete mess.  However, we got on board Blue Moon and Fi and I immediately realised she was perfect - except for the price which was way over the top.  However, to our surprise they accepted our offer and suddenly we were in the same position as when we bought the yacht - we coulnd't afford not to buy it.  She is perfectly equipped for long term cruising and the previous owner spent a fortune on her 6 years ago, so all key things like engines etc are not old even thought the hull is from 1992.  On Saturday we go up to spend a week on board before leavng her in a yard for painting and some minor remedial work.  The only blight on the horizon is that its forecast to snow on Saturday.............  
Once shes back in the water we are going to move up to Manchester to be near the family as grandaughter number 2 is imminent.  Oh and we are going to change the name of the boat to 'Amelie May' as that is also the name of grandaughter number1 who can come and break a beaker of milk over the bow.

 Photos to follow when I've had a chance to take some.

On a different subject - I am still getting an enormous amount of hits on my Falklands posts and many from Argentina.  It staggers me how much bollocks is talked about the events of 30 May and how conspiracy theorists refuse to either give up their views or enter into any dialogue.  Maybe I should approach the BBC to do a documentary about it but even that wouldn't convince some of these guys.

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