Wednesday, 27 February 2013


So a thank you to my sister and husband for putting Fi and I up at their place in Austria for the last fortnight.  Some holiday snaps:

The Schronbrun palace or the Hapsburg's weekend pad - just outside Vienna

Just a small reception room
You know its snowed when you're bike is white - Salzburg

Even the horses were wearing winter gear - St Stephens in Vienna

For some reason the Austrians are paranoid about clearing snow even when its snowing!  So we had to muck in.
A wild boar - actually, more like a 'mildly annoyed boar' as we didn't keep any of the leftover food from lunch for him
Even the river was turning white

Actually taken by my sister but the slopes at the resort of Obertauern - where the Beatles filmed part of 'Help'


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