Thursday, 7 February 2013

And actually there

One of the best moments when writing a book is when you type the last word.  It may actually be the start of a process that involves endless revisions and the hunt for typos and bad grammar but it is the end of the creative bit.  This morning I typed the word 'past', immediately realised I meant 'passed', corrected it and then hit the full stop.  Six months of joining up where I wanted to start from, to where I wanted to finish and finding the journey changed the finish in the process. All those hours lying in the bath or walking the dog, thinking around plot dead ends that I had written myself in to.  All those brilliant ideas or clever dialogue that I thought of just before going to sleep and then not being able to recall in the morning.  All done.
As I said in my previous post, the book is very different from any of my previous ones to the extent that I may do what some authors do and publish under a different name.  I will ponder all this during the 'typo hunt' phase.
Another teaser photograph:

Ganymede, the water/ice moon of Jupiter

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