Monday, 4 February 2013

Almost there

Blogging has been quiet recently as I've been concentrating on getting my latest novel finished.  I'm within a mere ten thousand words of finishing now but still have a couple of plot hurdles to overcome. This will be the book I, sort of, always wanted to write.  I say 'sort of' because like all my books I have an idea of the start and end but the middle always seems to write itself and then the end isn't quite what I expected - makes it fun.  It will be a total departure from my previous offerings and could be the start of a long series or just a one off.  It all depends on how it's received.  In the meantime I have the idea for the next naval novel well advanced.
In order to give my poor brain a break I decided to do some work on the cover graphics.  With a little help from my photo shop literate son I have the outline picture I want - it tells part of the story..............

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