Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A new adventure and an epic voyage

So on Saturday we literally braved blizzards to drive up to Nantwich to take possession of our new pride and joy. -  the good narrow boat 'Blue Moon' soon to be renamed 'Amelie May' - (when the bloody weather allows me to paint out the old name).  And that was the problem - the weather.  We spent most of our time sorting out the insides and exploring the amazing amount of stuff left over by the previous owners.  We got the central heating working and the wood burning stove but neither were working first thing in the morning and boy was it cold. Yesterday we set off for a major trip down the canal - all of an hour and one lock to get to the marina that is going to sort out some remedial work and paint the hull.  So there I am trying to extricate this sixty foor lump of steel out of a narrow and crowded marina and just as I put her in gear to enter the canal, the only other boat on the whole section drives past and makes me slam into reverse to miss her - I'm not paranoid they are out to get me! I won't talk about the new marina and the vicious crosswind except to say that I take it all back, bow thrusters are now my favorite bit of kit.  Fi and I realised that we weren't really going to be able to work on her much, so bravely decided to run away home to central heating and a bath.  Mind you the list we now have to buy things is faily long so we should be kept busy.  When we woke up all snug under our very thick duvet this morning we were not that surprised to see the weather .  So, about two weeks before we go back and I am still telling myself how wonderful it will all be when the sun comes out, the trees go green and it stops bloody snowing.

Snowy morning in Aqueduct marina.  Hopefully our rather unique patio doors will be of more use in a few months time!
The sattelite dish works really well - not sure about the anchor

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